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For Spiritual Seekers

Human race has a very unique and special place in the entire universe. Human being is the only Jeeva who can Talk, Smile and Thank others. As is evident from all our scriptures, the journey of every Atman is from Animality to Divinity through Humanity. That means, in order to achieve or reach Divinity, every life has to be born as Human as this is the only chance to pray to God to forgive all our past karma and grant us salvation.

But it is easily said than done. One need to be a Sadhaka in order to move up in the spiritual ladder. A Sadhaka is one who prays for God with Yearning, Intimacy, Gratitude ,Open mind and a large heart. A true Sadhaka has an ideal routine and is full of enthusiasm and Divine Qualities of Love, Patience, Forgiveness,Dutifulness and Selflessness. His every action is towards reaching God and does his duties with utmost Zeroness, Zeel and Zests.

Is it possible for a person in the midst of worldly affairs to be a Sadhaka and realize God? What needs to be done to realize God without disturbing our other responsibilities in the society ?

Sadhaka Shree

Divine Park’s One Day workshop “Sadhaka Shree” answers all these and much more to help us becoming a Sadhaka and travel swiftly in the journey towards God. One will learn and realize that
  • God is not far away from us but is within us
  • He is the ultimate friend, relative and Sea of Mercy
  • Hard penance is not at all required to get Divine Grace
  • Sadhana is not at all a torture.
  • The power of a Sadguru is infinite.
  • When daily routines become worship, Light fills our Life
  • God is ever Graceful.
  • Appreciating the present moment is the key to tackle the chaos of future.