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Activity at branches

Door to Door Spiritual Dissemination

“The great national sin is the neglect of the masses, and that is one of the causes of our downfall” – these were the words of Swami Vivekananda regarding the downfall of India. He travelled throughout the country and found that the main cause of misery among people was ignorance. Nectar- like, life-giving truths given in our Vedas and Upanishads were confined to the so called upper caste people. People of lower caste were looked down by all. He declared that the elevation of the masses made easy without harming their religion. . . Programs

  • Viveka Deepa Yojana
  • Divya Viveka Deepa

For Children

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. We all know how important the phase of childhood in everyone’s life is. It not only plays a very crucial role in one’s personal progress but also is very important for national development. Just like the plant which is nurtured and cared well yields good fruits, childhood too is such a phase in one’s life. If taken care of properly, can change the destiny of the child. . . Programs

For students

Ever since the days of Yore, the significance of the student life is very well recognised and given prominence in Indian tradition. The olden day’s schools which were called as ‘Gurukulas’ were the temples of our education system where a child enters to return as a complete human being. A child was given scope to recognise its natural talent, sharpen his intellect and at the same time strengthen the moral & spiritual values which would help in his due course of life. The emphasis was given more towards character making thereby a student becomes an asset to the nation. . . Programs

  • Vidyarthi Deepa

For Youths

The word ‘Youth’ brings to our minds the sense of freshness, the enormous enthusiasm and endless energy. A person is at his maximum capacity when he is in this phase of life. The Physical & Mental abilities will be at its peak in this age. “It is the young, the strong, and healthy of sharp intellect that will reach the Lord” says the Vedas. So making this wonderful time of life fruitful is in the hands of an individual. . . Programs

  • Manthana Deepa
  • Yuva Prerana Shibhira

For Women

The Gods reside in places where woman is worshiped. Since the very olden days, especially in Indian Tradition, women is seen as a form of ‘Shakti’ to whom giving respect and considering equal importance is evident. Read More Programs

  • Vanitha Sangama

For Family Program For Spiritual Seekers program For Peace & prosperity Programs
Samsaara Deepa Sanjeevini Deepa Sri Rama Sandeepa
Sambhrama Deepa Samyama Deepa Varuna Deepa
Sanchara Deepa Sanghatana Deepa  
Sankata Deepa    
Sanchita Deepa    

Four hour program

Atmonnathi Workshop
Many of us are spiritually inclined, but have no particular guide to direct. We pray, but do not know if our prayers reach God. We do not get any answers to our questions about spirituality and God. To get our questions answered we look for guidance outside ourselves. Atmonnathi is comprised of two words – Atma and Unnathi. The Atma is the soul or divinity that exists within each and every one of us, and Unnathi means progress. These two words put together mean progress towards realization of the divinity within us, which is the ultimate goal of spirituality. Atmonnathi Retreat is one step towards this realization.

Yuva Sangama:

Youths are the back bone of any country. As Swami Vivekananda rightly said: Youths with muscles of iron, nerves of steel and minds like thunderbolt can change the nation. We as a country has about 365 million youth population but we are failing miserably to use that strength due to lack of proper guidance. In Divine Park with the guidance of Veera Vedanti Swami Vivekananda conduct 3 hour youth program called Yuva Sangama in our branches (Divine Sparks) under the noble and able leadership of Dr Vivek, BNYS, MD, teaching students and youths about the patriotism, morality with the base of spirituality along with the scientific practicality.