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Yoga Research

In today’s era of stress the restoration of health appears to be a problem. Stress is defined as a physiological reaction to undesired emotional or physical situations. When stress becomes chronic and lasts for a long time, the stressed organism reacts with physiological alterations to adapt to the unfavorable conditions leading to modifications /changes in their daily activities such as reduction in the lightness of body, increased mood disturbances, anger, reduced sleep quality etc. Current achievement-based, demanding and high-tempo society has incurred increased risks and vulnerability for stress related chronic pain and other illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, asthma, arthritis etc.

The present studies are based on the data collected from subjects attended various camps at Kripa Kunja, Divine Park, Saligrama. The programs consisted of an integrated program comprising theory and practice sessions. The Yoga program will be with basic, simple scientific modules for the specific programs along with spiritual discourse by Poojya Doctorji, health and education talk by Dr Vivek, loosening exercises, breathing exercises, asanas, pranayama, relaxation techniques, spiritual practises etc. The self prepared questionnaire were given before and after the program to assess the changes in the participants.
Few are the graphs shows the changes in the participants attended various programs.