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Today’s World is making headway very swiftly. Competition is at core in all spectrums of life and in every arena of the society, and is amplified with stress, fear for future, fear of failure, and anxiety. Unfortunately the rapid developments around the globe in many walks of life are diminishing the quality of life rather than uplifting it. These stress causing factors have resulted in changed ‘life-styles’. These changes are not only significantly impacting the human health, but also contributing in causing adverse effects on the health system of individuals and the societies at large.

It is worth noting that modern societies are facing health issues related to psychological well being and also those caused due to changed life styles. This is also leading to decline in life span, human health, mental peace and general well being.

Contemporary societies need help to uplift them from this situation and this is where exactly our ancient system of “Yoga” can play a vital role. Our traditional “Yoga” system is a Precious Gift to the world. Today entire world is considering this system and found solutions for healthy mind and healthy body. The research on ‘Yoga Science’, has also confirmed that practicing simple ‘Yoga’ techniques play significant role in safeguarding the mental and physical health of human beings.

Scientists have found that ‘Yoga’ is the simplest way to reduce stress, find happiness, increase patience levels, attaining peace of mind and creating tranquility of mind by transforming pressure to pleasure. These scientific findings and its proven results have encouraged people around the globe to practice ‘Yoga’ more.

Sarvah Kshema Hospital and Research Foundation (SHRF), a branch of Divine Park under the able guidance of Dr Vivek, BNYS, MD (Yoga & Rehabilitation) Medical Director, is playing a vital role in this direction by providing a proper guidance to achieve this perfect health with the help of yoga and its attributes.

With the medical and research background of Dr Vivek, along with the profound experience in the yoga field offering various yoga therapy, yoga research and yoga health education programs are conducted in Divine Park and in other branches of divine park also.