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Viveka Sampada

Viveka Sampada is a Karnataka No1 kannada spiritual magazine comes once in four months consisting of cream of veda, upanishad and gita in a simplified way with a more simplified language. It consists of articles for all age groups from children to old age, and for all sectors of life like women, children, officials, spiritual seekers etc.

It’s the only magazine with no advertisement which is filled with full of divine treasure which blossoms our mind and intellect. It contains the articles of various famous writers of karnataka.

Please subscribe the same and get the immense benefit by reading it:

Subscription details

Inland 3 years Rs 125
Inland 6 years Rs 240
Inland 25 years Rs 1000

Viveka Veena

Viveka veena is a bimonthly english spiritual magazine consisting of various articles related to spirituality and dialy life. It consists of articles of various writers across the country. The main attraction is Interview with Poojya Doctorji with various hot topics related to present scenario.

Viveka veena is one such magazine which is completely dedicated to uplift heart-mind complex. With various relevant topics for life, spirituality, ways of coping with daily stress and Divine message of Sri Guruji makes it a unique and special magazine.

Please subscribe the magazine and get the immense benefit by reading it:

Subscription details

Inland 3 years Rs 350
Inland 6 years Rs 650
Inland 15 years Rs 1500

Viveka Kiran

This is a quarterly published news magazine, with the sole objective of propagating the Philosophy and Ideals of Sri Guruji Swami Vivekananda to the public at large. Published in 6 different languages of India - English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi and Malayalam - the 'Viveka Kirana' inculcates the Universally accepted virtues such as Love, Patience, Forgiveness, Dutifulness and Selflessness, and thus leads to the innate divinity in every individual. The articles provide the maximum thrust on the Mission - 'Man-making and Nation-building' which could stir the thoughts in young and old. The Students' corner in this magazine, the extracts from the 'Reap Excellence' book, are the source of guidelines from Sri Guruji. Overall, the 'Viveka Kirana' is a mini publication of "Food for Thought".

Subscription details

Inland 3 years Rs 125