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SHRF (A Health wing of Divine Park)

The Sarvah Kshema Hospital and Research Foundation has been dedicated to work towards betterment of health of everyone through Yoga and spirituality. We’ve given it a space and a form, a hospital that will serve you by soothing the roots of your ailments and providing you with an atmosphere of divinity.

Situated on the NH 66, 16 kilometres from the North of Udupi is this Spiritual Laboratory of Swami Vivekananda. The site is divided into 2 parts- a heavily wooden front area and an area which is predominantly open, imbibed with the tranquillity of nature.

The sole purpose of constructing this campus which is spread in the extensive area of 11.5 acres, is to help ordinary humans inculcate in themselves extra ordinary God like qualities of love, patience, forgiveness, dutifulness and selflessness.

Our hospital works around the concept of ‘return to nature’ as we at SHRF believe in natural and divine healing. Yoga is our ultimate tool for the same.

We are today living in the world of competition. Everyone is busy in rushing forward. No one is having time for himself or for his family. We are losing ourselves and our health too in our work and stress which we come through.We have polluted our environment, thoughts, ideas. We can do multitasking at a time but we can’t sit for a while silently.

Stress has become our partner, we have compromised living with it, because of which we are facing bundle of physical and psychological problems. Modern man is becoming weak day by day and suffering to come out of this stress. Stress is the major risk factor for everyone health. Study says 70% of the ailments which we are facing today are psychosomatic ailments, if we control our stress and strain we can come out of it. To come out of stress we need to cope up with it either externally or internally or both.

Managing stress internally can be done effectively with the help of Yoga and Yogic lifestyle. Research studies reveals yoga is one of the best method to cope up with stress. Externally we can calm down our mind with serene and calm environment with divine atmosphere. Even research being done in the field of environment and the concept of healing architecture has come up from which we can feel happy, relaxed and rejuvenate ourselves being in that environment.


Divine Park is conducting various yoga programs from past 8 years under the able leadership of DrVivek, B.N.Y.S, M.D (Yoga & Rehabilitation) in our present campus at saligrama. Yoga parwa is one such program where participants will come and stay in Divine Park premises for a weak long and get the inpatient treatment along with Yoga, Naturopathy and Spiritual healing. In the presence of Divine Atmosphere of Divine Park along with Scientific and simple yoga practices with yogic lifestyle patients are getting better in their health and overall personality.

As a next phase of Yoga Parwa we have come up with a unique yoga hospital, SARVAH KSHEMA HOSPITAL AND RESEARCH FOUNDATION (SHRF) an advanced center for Yoga, Rehabilitation and Research .

SHRF is first of its kind where Yoga and Spirituality will be taught with scientific evidence in the Divine and Serene atmosphere with the concept of RETURN TO NATURE.

For further details please look at the attached hospital brochure and 3D walkthrough.